Microsoft Vista Help update

Here’s an update on the new Help system that will be shippng with the next version of Windows (Windows Vista). Vista’s Help, and the XML tags in MAML are primarily task-oriented. Presentation is separated from content, so you can maintain a consistent look across programs. The MAML schema is included in the Windows Vista beta,… Read more »

Our Web site redesign

We revamped our Web site in July, moving from a layout controlled by tables to one controlled by cascading style sheets. The site is now more accessible for the sight-impaired and for people using PDAs or text browsers. It also takes less time to load. We’ve also rewritten the text for our marketing and copywriting… Read more »

Tornados in Birmingham

Luckily, yesterday’s tornados were a couple of miles away from our Birmingham office, and we still have a roof.

Photo from our networking event

Peter Swan sent us ths photo which he took at our networking event earlier this month. As you can see, it was so popular that people spilled out onto the road.