Ghostblogging – Who you gonna call?

No time to learn the skills of blogging? No time to post content on a regular basis? The answer is Ghostblogging – writing and posting content on your behalf. We can create a Corporate Blog as part or outside of your Web site, and then employ one of our writers to update it. We work… Read more »

PhD on Single Sourcing

We were asked by a PhD student in technical communication at Oklahoma State University this week if she could include some of our articles and findings on single sourcing in her dissertation. She is looking into whether native English readers and non-native English readers comprehend single-sourced English-language documents differently. We look forward to reading about… Read more »

Book – Winning by sharing

Leon Benjamin is launching a book called “Winning by Sharing“. It is about the dramatic changes in the nature of work, the emergence of the network economy and its implications for corporations, employees and portfolio workers. It describes the emergence of extensive, global networks of people who want to work and conduct business in completely… Read more »

The Stress of Technical Writers

In 2001, the Techwhirl Web site published a report on Stress Management for the Technical Communicator. How can writing be stressful, you may ask. They cite overload of tasks, impossible deadlines or expectations and difficulty getting information from subject matter experts (SMEs) as the main reason why it occurs. So how do they manage the… Read more »

Microsoft Delivers Document Updates using RSS

The Microsoft Help and Support site is now providing an RSS feed (Really Simple Syndication) for its Knowledge Base articles. Is anyone else using RSS for its delivery of user assistance information?