Where are all the technical writers?

Editor’s Note: Introducing a new guest blogger to Cherryleaf’s blog: Dr. Tony Self of HyperWrite. Where are all the technical writers? I have often wondered why there are so few technical writers in the world. In my country, Australia, the Bureau of Statistics (ABS) estimates there are over 2,000 technical writers within the total workforce of 11.65… Read more »

To which socio-economic class do Technical Authors belong?

Class is one of those aspects of life that still seems to cause a lot of fuss in the UK, and the BBC has generated a great deal of interest today with The Great British class calculator: Traditional British social divisions of upper, middle and working class seem out of date in the 21st Century, no… Read more »

Which books should Technical Authors read?

The bookshelves here at Cherryleaf are double stacked, and we’ve received another book this week to read and then store. So it seemed like a good time to mention which books we’d advise Technical Authors to read. This most recent book was published by XML Press, and their publications are well worth looking at. We have… Read more »

Should Technical Authors be allowed to work from home?

With the recent media attention on Yahoo’s announcement that it is banning its staff from “remote” working, we thought it might be useful to look at the case for and against Technical Authors working from home. The case for allowing remote working They can do their jobs more productively without interruption from others. When Technical Authors… Read more »