What are your transferable skills?

This is post from guest blogger, Peter Wilford. One of the biggest challenges you will face when considering a career change is giving your CV the punch and bite it needs to make an impact in a new industry or sector. You may think that little of what you have done to date will count,… Read more »

Please welcome our latest guest blogger

Our latest guest blogger is Peter Wilford of Gateway Career Management Limited. Peter is a Career Coach and Career Management Specialist. I look for the strengths in any client and help them to build on them and to develop others by offering impartial but focused advice using a range of supportive skills including coaching, counselling… Read more »

The Economics of Content Strategy

One of the recurring themes at recent conferences on technical communication has been content strategy. You see speakers commenting that writing skills are valued less, and so Technical Communicators should look to become more strategic and managerial. In this context, content strategy is a focus on improving efficiency and productivity of content creation, management and… Read more »

When will the Technical Author become the Customer Engagement Manager?

Rahal Baillie posted on Twitter a link to an article which, in passing, made reference to “Customer Engagement Management“. Julie Hunt described it as: The activity of monitoring of brand and customer conversations on corporate websites, as well as bi-directional communication extensions to external social sites. In essence, it’s about creating and managing content that… Read more »