Change to our online shop

We’ve made a slight change to our online shop today. It now lists the prices of the courses and reports in Sterling (£). You are still able to pay in US dollars and Euro, so there should the change shouldn’t have any significant impact when you purchase a course. We’ve made the change to simplify… Read more »

The BusinessWise book

I’ve just been sent the final draft of a book we’ve contributed to, entitled “BusinessWise”. The book provides advice to small businesses, both those just starting out or well established. It still needs the addition of title pages, imprint page and contents plus section dividing pages. The text of each chapter is, however, all there…. Read more »

A nice email we received today

“I just want to say how much I enjoy the Cherryleaf newsletter. I find it consistently informative and useful. I attended an interview yesterday during which the subject of the future of RoboHelp came up. I was able to hold my own in this conversation, all from reading your newsletter and following the links. Ditto… Read more »