Please welcome guest blogger Malcolm Tullett

We welcome our latest guest blogger, Malcolm Tullett. He runs a fire, safety and environmental consultancy and training company called Risk and Safety Plus, and is the creator of PROPA. Malcolm’s mission is to spread the word that risk and good business are not mutually exclusive – they are simply two sides of the same coin. He’ll… Read more »

If your business ever has to stand in front of a judge..

If your business ever has to stand in front of a judge, you may regret believing the documentating of procedures didn’t matter. When things go wrong, people ask “where’s it written down?” You’ll find them looking at what’s documented to see where the blame lies.  If it’s not written down, or if it’s unclear, then the… Read more »

One key lesson every Compliance department can learn from Dyson vacuum cleaners

Some industry sectors, such as finance, often require strict adherence to specific policies and procedures. Compliance departments have to ensure these are kept up to date and accessible, from both a legal and industry perspective. The problem is that governance can be expensive, really expensive. Unfortunately, the volume of written content continues to explode, and… Read more »