Ellis to provide the keynote at Technical Communications 2011

Ellis has been asked to provide the keynote presentation at Technical Communications 2011, which is being held Tuesday-Thursday this week. The original presenter is unable to attend, so the ISTC has asked Ellis if he could step in and present on topic – “The role of Technical Communicators today”. The conference presentations will be videoed.

UAEurope 2011 conference review

UAEurope 2011 was possibly the most enjoyable and interesting conference in its long history. Sonia Fuga of Northgate explained how they are using DITA, WordPress and Web 2.0 features to streamline the documentation process, simplify the review process and deliver interactive context sensitive Help for one of their larger applications. Delegates were interested in how… Read more »

We’re speaking at UA Europe 2011

We’ve been invited to speak at UA Europe 2011, which is being held in Brighton on 16th-17th June. Ellis Pratt will be speaking on:  You win! Getting users to RTFM using techniques from games. It’s claimed that games are a powerful way of affecting user behaviour, so can we apply game theory to the provision… Read more »

Affective Assistance – Highlights from TCUK 2010 presentation

This video contains edited highlights from Ellis’ presentation at the TCUK 2010 conference on Affective Assistance, which was called “documentation as an emotional experience for the user”. We’re developing a workshop on Affective Assistance – contact us if you’d like to know more.

Why Nokia’s David Black is probably wrong about the manual-less cellphone

Nokia’s David Black provided an excellent opening keynote presentation at the TCUK 2010 conference, where he described the documentation produced by Nokia and predicted a bleak outlook for all but the most technical of Technical Authors. David’s team works mostly on developing information for developers and partners, rather than end users. He revealed that 50% of… Read more »