Keen to develop your career as a Technical Author? Special half-day workshop on the keys to building a highly successful career as a technical communicator

We invite you to a special workshop in London this July, where we can show you the skills that are key to professional success as a technical author, and provide you with a practical approach to developing a successful career in technical communication.  On Monday 13th July we will presenting the workshop near at venue in… Read more »

No Kangaroos in Austria – STC TransAlpine Conference roundup

The STC’s TransAlpine conference in Vienna was great fun. I managed to sit in on Tom Johnson’s morning seminar on WordPress before I took the afternoon session on developing your career as a technical writer. There was a great deal of discussion and agreement on the challenges for technical communicators, as well as the likely… Read more »

Workshop on on career development – an approach and key skills

I’ve been asked to present a workshop at the STC TransAlpine Conference on “career development – an approach and key skills”. This will be held on 8th June in Vienna. I’m a late replacement for a speaker who has unfortunately been taken ill. We’ll look at: Future trends in technical communication – where’s it all heading… Read more »

Trends in technical documentation – Is technical writing broken?

Cherryleaf and Ovidius are in the early stages of organising a free seminar for the technical communication community at the Møller Centre in Cambridge. The themes for the event are likely to be future trends in technical authoring, and related to this, is technical writing broken? We’re liaising with the ISTC’s Cambridge area group on… Read more »

UA Conference Notes

Last week, we attended, exhibited and spoke at the UA conference Europe 08. It was probably the best conference I’ve attended. 1. There were some excellent case studies from Sonia Fuga of Northgate, Rachel Potts and Brian Harris of Red-Gate Software and Matthew Ellison (concerning IBM). Northgate’s approach of using WordPress for ratings and commenting… Read more »