Untangling the Web navigation conundrum

There’s been an interesting series of posts recently by Tom Johnson on enabling users to navigate through content in lots of ways (instead of just providing them with a Table of Contents and a search box). It’s the type of approach used by sites such as Ravelry.com. Ravelry is a popular social networking site, with… Read more »

Write and own your content, or someone will write and own it for you

Adrian Baniak has written an article (3 Ways to Engage with Today’s Empowered Consumer) about how brands can “cut through the clutter” and communicate with their customers and prospect. He states one of the key ways to do this is “Write Your Own Tale, Or Someone Else Will Do It First”. This mantra was originally made… Read more »

Learning from Netflix

You’ll find our latest post for the Society for Technical Communication on its Notebook blog. It’s called Letter from the UK: Learning from Netflix: “Netflix can track and analyse, in minute detail, the behaviour of every person who watches a programme on its service. The rumour is that Netflix used its “big data” to decide what… Read more »