New technical communication laptop stickers

The technical communication Venn diagram laptop stickers we created have been very popular. We’ve ordered more of them, and we’ve created some new designs. The new stickers have quotations from some of the people we’ve interviewed on the Cherryleaf podcast. The stickers should arrive by the end of the month. Like before, we’ll post them off to… Read more »

The gamification of assistance (aka How to boast about your Help)

Gamification is the integration of game dynamics into any medium such as a Web site, Help file or community, in order to drive a positive response, participation and engagement from a target audience. It’s used by lots of organisations: airlines via Frequent Flyer Programmes, Google via AdWords, as well as more recognisable games software, such… Read more »

Take the Cherryleaf quiz on Technical Communication

For the holiday season, we’ve created a simple six question quiz for you to try. It includes questions on some of the topics we’ve covered in our blog during 2010: Cherryleaf Technical Writing Quiz (Opens in new window) It’s just for fun, but if you’d like to tell us how you fared, please comment below.