Technical writing in the Cloud

One of the most popular developments in computing in recent years has been the emergence of cloud-based computing and Software as a Service (SaaS). Examples of cloud-based computing include Google’s GMail: Instead of an application being installed locally on a user’s computer, it runs on a remote server, accessed via the user’s Web browser. So is technical… Read more »

QR Tags – coming to your local Technical Author soon

We have been talking about the potential for using QR Tags since 2009, so it is great to see that MadCap Software has announced Flare version 7 will include QR Tag capabilities. MadCap states: In an online and searchable document, it is easy to include hyperlinks, URLs, etc., for users to access more information, but… Read more »

Super MadCap quite fantastic; are other tools atrocious?

With the imminent release of DITA support in MadCap Flare, will competing Help authoring tools (HATS) suddenly seem inadequate to the task of technical writing? Where does this leave Adobe’s RoboHelp? I suspect it will be difficult technically and commercially (Adobe also owns FrameMaker) for Adobe to add DITA support into RoboHelp. If writers are… Read more »

What’s brewing with MadCap and DITA?

MadCap are sending out a mailing to its database today with the words: MadCap DITA10-29-08 The link sends you to the MadCap Web site, but provides no other information. I guess we’ll have to wait a week until we know more.

New software for technical authors from MadCap Software

MadCap Software has released on details some new products it will be releasing shortly. These include MadCap X-Edit and MadCap Press. What is striking is that MadCap really does seem to understand the problems technical communicators face in the real world. One of the issues technical authors often face is dealing with reviews of drafts… Read more »