Is search dying? Your manual within 140 characters?

Internet Psychologist Graham Jones wrote an article last week, in which he stated, search is dying, and is being replaced by sharing information socially. “So worried is Microsoft about Google that they haven’t realised that Google is not their real competition any more. It is the likes of Twitter and Ecademy…Google already knows this. Much… Read more »

“Push me, Pull me” dilemma for technical authors

There are a number of posts on various Blogs, at the moment, concerning documents as conversation and moving beyond the traditional manual. Some of the comments suggest implicitly  that technical authors (aka technical writers) could end up having to resolve two conflicting views regarding communicating with users.  The problem is that many technical communicators work in hierarchical organisations where… Read more »

The expense of failed knowledge transfer

Microsoft’s Rod Caron has posted an interesting article on building online communities “to facilitate Knowledge Transfer”. It includes the great quotes: “shipping the knowledge is just as important as shipping the product”, “a product without knowledge is support waiting to happen” and “It’s very much a case of ‘pay now, or pay more later’ when… Read more »

Creating online social networks

Cherryleaf is involved, through our sister company, in a European Community funded project starting in Q2 2007. It aims to improve small and medium sized enterprise involvement in Life Science projects. It introduces a new concept of online networking that supports the location, fast connection and effective discussion between distant parties, living in different time… Read more »