3 strategic ways to reduce the number of support calls

The cost of providing support to users can be huge, so what can be done to reduce the number and duration of support calls? Here are three strategies to consider. 1.Pre-empt the calls In same way that Japanese car companies improved the quality of their products to reduce the after-sales costs, you can take steps,… Read more »

3 ways for the Support department to get the monkey off its back

Q. What’s the biggest gripe in Support? A. Getting the unnecessary calls off their backs, so they can find the time needed to tackle the really important problems. Really, they are looking for a way to be pestered less. So what are the three key ways to relieve this headache? 1. Enable users to serve… Read more »

How to launch a new business service from scratch

This post is from Cherryleaf guest blogger, Derek Bishop. Designing and building a new service always comes with risks, especially in the recession. But with more entrepreneurs and small businesses emerging, many of which providing friendly efficient customer service (due to the size of the business and amount of responsibilities), large organisations are now being forced… Read more »

Why listening to your customers is so vital

This post is from Cherryleaf guest blogger, Derek Bishop. If ever there was a time to listen intensely to your customers, now would be that time. It has never been more important to really understand what the customer pressures, needs, wants and expectations are. It is important to truly understand what’s driving the reason for… Read more »

Connecting the online and offline customer experience

This post is from Cherryleaf guest blogger, Derek Bishop. One of the most common issues affecting organisations and the ability to maximise the profitability of contact centres is the disconnect between the online and offline experience. Derek argues that a well constructed online and offline approach will ensure that customers are receiving the same levels… Read more »