Cherryleaf welcomes our guest blogger, Derek Bishop

We’re pleased to welcome a guest blogger to Cherryleaf’s blog: Derek Bishop. Derek is CEO of Abeo Consulting, a consultancy that specialises in customer satisfaction: helping organisations significantly improve customer service and increase customer loyalty. Derek will be talking about his experiences and thoughts on customer satisfaction.

“Digital Natives” and the end of traditional hotline support

Are we seeing a new generation growing up who are shying away from telephone-based support in favour of text-based support? This is one conclusion we can draw from a New York Times article last week on teenagers (whom it called “Digital Natives”) and technology. It reported on research from the Pew Research Center that indicated: Children… Read more »

Reducing IT support call times

At the Documentation Managers peer group meeting we hosted earlier this week, one manager commented his organisation was aiming to increase the average time for each support call. This was because it believed it could eliminate all the short duration calls – through redesigning the software and better user documentation. What would be left would be… Read more »

The ROI of documentation and support

In two conversations this week, the issue of “how do you measure the value of documentation?” has come up. The benefits of user documentation (reduced support calls, increase in the perceived value of the product, happier customers, better customer retention, increase product usage etc) can be identified, but it can be hard to measure them… Read more »