Cherryleaf Technical Author survey 2011 – in figures

Last month, we conducted an online survey that 226 Technical Authors completed. 31 respondents were freelance contractors, whom we’ve excluded from our analysis. Here are some of the significant figures from the survey. Technical Authors measuring the ROI value of their output: 7% The most common measure was to quantify the value of avoided calls… Read more »

Do you have a Use Case for online Help?

One of the issues we’re investigating in the Cherryleaf user documentation strategy survey is how much strategic thought is given to user documentation, online Help and user assistance in general. Is a Use Case for Help included in the project design? It will be interesting to see the results at the end – we don’t… Read more »

Take part in the Cherryleaf user documentation strategy survey 2011

Involved in user documentation? Then please take part in the Cherryleaf user documentation strategy survey 2011. It aims to take a strategic look at user documentation, looking at aspects such as the purpose and value of (and future trends in) user documentation. By user documentation, we mean user guides, online Help, web based Help, screencasts… Read more »

Survey results: Which future trends interest a typical Technical Author?

Thank you to everyone who responded to our survey into trends in technical communication. Below are some graphs illustrating the responses to some of the questions we posed. Which topics do Technical Authors want to know more about? How important is it for you to be aware of the future trends in user assistance and… Read more »