Technical authors tackle “The curse of knowledge”

If you’ve ever struggled to explain something to someone considerably less expert than yourself, you may have experienced “The curse of knowledge”. It’s a curse that technical authors resolve everyday, although they may not know they’ve been doing it. It’s a phrase that comes from a great book called “Made to Stick” by Chip and… Read more »

Author-it 5.1 launched

From Author-it: “This update resolves a number of known issues and has several new features including: Object Variants: A flexible way of creating and maintaining different variations of a single object. Similar to versions, variants remain linked to their primary (or parent) object, however unlike versions you can have multiple variants active at any one… Read more »

Microsoft Style Guide for Windows 2007?

We received this email yesterday: Microsoft Style Guide for Windows 2007Do you know whether such a thing exists or whether you know of anything else that might help? I am updating the help for our new product and it uses a Windows 2007 ribbon style GUI but I don’t know what all the elements are… Read more »