Ten Challenges for Technical Authors in the Network Age

The Supernova 2008 conference is currently running in San Francisco – on the theme of “the Network Age”. Professor Kevin Werbach has outlined ten challenges: “In the Information Age, computers and communications networks produced a global village and astounding gains in economic productivity. The Network Age incorporates those advances into an environment where anything connects… Read more »

How do Brain Rules affect technical authors?

Yet again, a post by Garr Reynolds has made me wonder about how his advice about presenting crosses over into the world of technical authoring. Garr’s latest post is about Dr. John Medina’s book “Brain Rules“, which has 12 principles for surviving and thriving at work, home and school. He’s also created a slideshow about… Read more »

Announcing a Facebook club for technical authors

This week we received this email from a technical author: “I’ve been using Facebook for a few months and find it a great way to communicate with old friends and people with similar interests. I would love to set up a Tech Author group so that Tech Authors can share ideas issues etc however I… Read more »

Could technical authors help you get closer to your customers?

BBC Four is currently running a series on advertising called “Selling Power”, which is followed by the rather good “Mad Men” drama about advertising people in the 1960s. In “Selling Power”, someone (I can’t remember who) argued one of the benefits of modern day, Web-savvy, advertising is it enables companies get closer to their customers…. Read more »