Making interactive “How To” videos

Hypertext functionality comes to videos. Asterpix is an interesting Web site that enables technical communicators and trainers to create interactive videos. This brings Captivate-type functionality to TV/YouTube videos. You can add hotspots and hyperlinks to areas of the video, allowing viewers to get more information on objects of interest during video playback. Viewers can also… Read more »

Adobe to launch a new Help browser?

At yesterday’s Ticad conference Adobe’s Mark Wheeler (MD Northern Europe) spent time in his presentation talking about Adobe Air. Mark suggested it could be used as a new Help (or document) viewer technology. Air enables anyone to build a simple desktop application. Used a Help browser, it can integrate content residing on the PC with… Read more »

“The smartest people work for someone else”

Here’s some extracts from an article by Forbes’ Rich Karlgaard: ” ‘No matter who you are, most of the smartest people work for someone else.’ Say again? What organizational leader will admit he can’t hire the smartest people in the world? This provocative statement was first made by Sun Microsystems’ Bill Joy in 1990… It’s… Read more »

Podcast on Cherryleaf and Technical Communication

Ellis was interviewed yesterday for one of the “ITauthor” podcasts. To listen to the conversation, visit

The secrets of effective technical authors

In early 2007, Cherryleaf carried out a survey to find out the challenges technical authors face. We looked at satisfaction levels, the status of authors and what was holding them back, if anything. We also looked at other research on what makes a good writer. We received nearly 500 responses, and we presented our conclusions… Read more »