Technical communication as a brand – The CEO and the technical communicator

Since I wrote the post on Technical communication as a brand, we’ve been working on an idea we had for promoting the profession. The end result is another story, another free graphic novel you can download, called The CEO and the technical communicator. It’s published under a Creative Commons licence, so anyone can forward it on, as long as they… Read more »

The big questions in technical communication

David Farbey wrote a semi-existentialist post on the challenges for technical communicators yesterday. I’d like to look at the issue in a different way, by looking at the big questions in technical communication today. The answers to these questions (which may be decided by people outside of the profession) are likely to affect the future… Read more »

Design-led technical documentation

Peter J. Bogaards posted a link on Twitter yesterday to an article and a press release on how IBM is adopting a design-led approach to software design. “IBM Design Thinking is a broad, ambitious new approach to re-imagining how we design our products and solutions … Quite simply, our goal — on a scale unmatched… Read more »

Technical Communicators and their Websites

Wired Sussex

I’ve just written a new post for the STC’s Notebook blog on Technical Communicators and their Websites. We look at some of the challenges and decisions technical communicators face when designing a website for their business. To help illustrate this, I included some examples of technical communication companies’ websites, including our own.