The eee pc and the right to remix documentation dilemma

Last week we purchased and received an Asus eee pc 900. Its popularity illustrates the dilemma manufacturers will face in the future, with regard to their user documentation/user assistance. Background The eee pc is a ultra portable laptop, which costs roughly a fifth of the price of an Apple Airbook or a Sony Vaio. It… Read more »

Quote of the month

We’ve just received this nice testimonial from a client: “I had some basic instructions for my new online application, Opportunity Matrix™, but absolutely no idea how to turn them into a proper help system. Carol at Cherryleaf was able to take my rough notes and turn them into a professional Help file. She worked through… Read more »

Why does this project manager have so many lines on his face?

Notice the man’s wrinkles. What have past software development projects done to him? Maybe this time it will be different. Maybe this time he can sleep knowing the users will get the documentation they expect. Because maybe this time he’ll use a technical author. Cherryleaf works with developers of software helping them ensure they have… Read more »

Better than Free: User Documentation?

Kevin Kelly has posted an interesting post called “Better Than Free.” It’s about what succeeds in a market where most assets are free. “The internet is a copy machine….When copies are super abundant, they become worthless. When copies are super abundant, stuff which can’t be copied becomes scarce and valuable.When copies are free, you need… Read more »

The ROI of documentation and support

In two conversations this week, the issue of “how do you measure the value of documentation?” has come up. The benefits of user documentation (reduced support calls, increase in the perceived value of the product, happier customers, better customer retention, increase product usage etc) can be identified, but it can be hard to measure them… Read more »