How common knowledge disappears – customer questions & answers for a turntable

The Q and A on this Amazon page selling a turntable is classic. — Lee LeFever (@leelefever) October 30, 2016 In the olden days, every family had a record player (also known as a “turntable”), and pretty much everyone knew how to use it. However, if you look at the Customer Questions & Answers… Read more »

New classroom-based API documentation training course

Last month, we were asked  by a client to deliver our API documentation course to their team as a classroom course. Following on from that, we are now able to offer this one-day course to other companies, in this manner. The course currently varies from our online API documentation course. It includes more content on… Read more »

We’re looking for examples of badly written content to use on a course

We’re working on our latest online training course, which is about post-writing and revising technical documentation, and we’re looking for examples of bad content we can use for the course exercises. If you know of anything we could use, please let us know by email.

XML isn’t the only way to semantic content

I’ve been on the road speaking at a conference this week, and I’ve been listening to a lot of presentations on technical communication. Many of these were on the importance of having structured, semantic content when you are dealing with large amounts of content that needs to be translated into different languages and published in many… Read more »