Documentation and when things go wrong

The latest edition of the IET’s “Engineering & Technology” magazine looks at engineering disasters and, in doing so, provides food for thought regarding the role of documentation. “Hard lessons” looks at ten disasters, such as the Challenger Space Shuttle, and the reasons why these disasters can occur.  Looking at the disasters, I could see some common themes:… Read more »

Six ways to add Web 2.0 functionality to your manuals

This is an end of a long day post, so forgive me if I miss anything obvious. Here are some suggested actions and ideas for creating Web 2.0 technical documentation: 1. Put your documents on the Web, as Web pages.2. Create a link to the Web version on folksonomy/tagging sites such as Digg, Technorati and… Read more »

The eee pc and the right to remix documentation dilemma

Last week we purchased and received an Asus eee pc 900. Its popularity illustrates the dilemma manufacturers will face in the future, with regard to their user documentation/user assistance. Background The eee pc is a ultra portable laptop, which costs roughly a fifth of the price of an Apple Airbook or a Sony Vaio. It… Read more »

Will Nokia’s new technology reinvent the manual?

Nokia is developing new technology which could reinvent the user manual as we now know it. Combining a mobile phone’s camera with image recognition software, location tracking technologies and improved processing speeds, Nokia intends to provide users with “augmented mobile reality”. The goal is to enable anyone to look at the real world through their… Read more »