Issuu – A Web-based pdf viewer for technical authors?

Issuu is a Web site that allows you to upload magazines or newsletters and then view them as interactive, magazine-style online publications in your Web browser. It’s a free service and has been described as a YouTube for magazines. There are a few manuals on it already. The Issuu document is presented in a way… Read more »

New how-to/instructional video sites

Another how-to/instructional video site has been launched – Howcast. The video player on the site lets you jump to different chapters or steps, lets you zoom in for a better look, and provides the transcript as well. Viewers can add comments in the form of tips, warnings and facts to each video. Howcast joins Expert… Read more »

Web 2.0 style guides

We recieved an email asking: “I have just started at this software company, and one of my tasks is to work on the writing style guide. I have been looking around on the Internet for a style guide that covers writing style for web applications (or interfaces), and am wondering if you could point me… Read more »

Can technical authors be “part of the conversation”?

I was reading a post by an acquaintance of mine, William Buist, on how advertising will need to change in the future. He wrote: “At a recent conference Mark Zuckerberg, the 23 year old boss of Facebook was talking to 250 or so “middle aged” advertising executives about the news ways that Facebook envisaged advertising… Read more »

Making interactive “How To” videos

Hypertext functionality comes to videos. Asterpix is an interesting Web site that enables technical communicators and trainers to create interactive videos. This brings Captivate-type functionality to TV/YouTube videos. You can add hotspots and hyperlinks to areas of the video, allowing viewers to get more information on objects of interest during video playback. Viewers can also… Read more »