Two new Web 2.0 words: Crowdsourcing – getting your network involved in development.Unbreakable branding – branding” via a network/referrals versus a corporately created brand.

Technical Authors and the right to remix

One feature of Web 2.0 is the idea of the “right to remix”. This means giving people the ability to remix your information and services. This could impact the documentation department in two ways: 1. Your organisation decides to allow others to remix and “mashup” its application or service. As part of this, the documentation… Read more »

Create User Documentation – Is this really what we’re doing?

One of our business partners, Dr Alan Rae, has written an excellent report on Web 2.0 early adopter research. In partnership with Brunel University, Alan’s company has been talking to some early adopters about how they have been using Web 2.0 techniques to punch above their weight. Again, it raises issues that relate to how… Read more »

The problem of finding people with expertise

We’re currently working, as part of a consortium, on a proposal for a project to make finding people with expertise easier. Finding expertise inside and outside (i.e. people you might want to hire) an organisation is a huge and interesting challenge. Let me illustrate. Nowadays, information on a person’s expertise isn’t in just one place…. Read more »

The expense of failed knowledge transfer

Microsoft’s Rod Caron has posted an interesting article on building online communities “to facilitate Knowledge Transfer”. It includes the great quotes: “shipping the knowledge is just as important as shipping the product”, “a product without knowledge is support waiting to happen” and “It’s very much a case of ‘pay now, or pay more later’ when… Read more »