What makes a good writing test for a Technical Author?

We’re currently working on developing some new tests to assist clients who need to assess the writing skills of candidate Technical Authors. Writing test papers is a challenging task – it goes against the grain to make mistakes deliberately! English is a language where sentences can be written in many different ways. Today, many people… Read more »

“How to write instructions” – our second Kindle ebook experiment.

We’ve just published our second ebook, called “How to write instructions“. It’s currently priced at just £2.83. This short, concise guide explains how to write instructions, policies and procedures. Written by members of the projects team at technical writing services specialists Cherryleaf Ltd, this book is for anyone who needs assistance in writing instructions for… Read more »

Tackling the challenge of writing sales proposals and RFQs

Standards and processes permeate nearly every area of business today. They enable management to control, direct and delegate, giving people the ability to focus attention on the more difficult issues the business faces. Processes drives predictability, consistency and efficiency. Despite all these benefits, sales departments have been much slower to move down this path. Sales… Read more »