How to make people more effective at writing regulatory reports and assessments – report writing systems

Creating reports, assessments and other documents for regulatory purposes can take a long time to complete. These type of documents must be more than a “tick the box” exercise, so the person writing the document needs a solution that’s somewhere between a strict form and an empty page.

Cherryleaf’s report-writing solution takes the writing process and enables it to be a collaborative and semi-automated process. In addition to the document itself, you can use the system to work and communicate collaboratively.

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Benefits of the solution

We believe our solution allows you to:

  • Structure proposals into consistent, logical “chunks” that make them easy to understand
  • Be consistent across all proposals
  • Ensure standards are met
  • Write definitive, accurate chunks of information that you can reuse in new documents
  • Reduce the number of errors that occur in documents
  • Write collaboratively
  • Reduce the time needed to produce the documents

These systems can even include training videos and text to guide a writer through the process of developing a new document.

A library of re-usable information

You can re-use each object as many times as you like – in the same document or in many documents. When you make a change to the object, your changes happen instantly in all the places where that object is used. This capability saves you a lot of time and gives you the consistency you want. You can embed pages within other pages, which makes it is possible to write core pieces of content once and re-use it many times.

By putting all the chunks of information into the system, you can create a library of supporting materials that writers could choose to include in their reports. In some instances, you may want to include or exclude entire topics, depending on the output. The solution enables you to do all of this very easily.

We will provide

We will provide you with a base system and customise it to your particular requirements. This includes information imported from your documents that builds into a database of best practice content that can be re-used by your writers.

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