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Cherryleaf uses structured writing to change and improve your content

Applying structured writing to your documents can make your content clear, complete, and consistent. It is an approach to organising and presenting information. This means your readers will be able to find, understand and use your information, quickly and easily.

Structured writing can solve these common problems

Structured writing can solve the common problems in writing:

  • How do we create high quality content?
    • In other words, content that is clear, relevant, consistent, findable and well organised?
  • How do we provide a consistent experience to users?
  • How do we ensure there are no gaps in the content?
  • How do we meet the needs of different audiences?
  • How do we organise our content in a way that helps users understand?
  • How can we write efficiently?
    • How do we get the document finished on time?

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What is structured writing?

The components

There are two key components to structured writing:

  1. The topics
    These are independent chunks of information. They conform to best practice standards for each of the different types of information in the document.
  2. The document map
    This is an information model of the content and the reader’s journey. We use this to arrange the topics in the right order, and in the correct structure.

About Information Types

Documents contain common types of topics, which we call Information Types. For example, these can be policies, processes and tasks.

Information Types help writers ensure every topic has a single, clear purpose. We apply a standardised order and presentation format for  describing each Information Type, which is based on research.  This research has identified the key factors that enable a reader to understand a topic of that type, and/or complete a task successfully.

Creating a structure using topics

Structured writing involves organising content into independent topics, or units of information. This makes the topics easily accessible, manageable and reusable.


Cherryleaf’s services – Let us bring order to your unruly documents

Cherryleaf can improve your existing documents. We rewrite and restructure them so they are clear, consistent, and searchable.

  • We organise the text into chunks of information, and optimise those chunks is according to information design best practice.
    • This involves allocating the right Information Type for each chunk of content.
    • We remove or re-write any content that is not relevant to that topic.
    • We also label each chunk of information to make it easy to scan and find
  • We build an “information map”, and map the chunks to the map.
    • This helps us to spot any gaps, duplications, contradictions, and ambiguities.
    • It also creates  a standardised structure and order for presenting the information.

This can be written in many formats, such as Microsoft Word or HTML.


Your documents are:

  • Consistent
  • Clear and easy to understand
  • Easier to search

Marking-up the text for machine reading and the automated processing of content

Where required, we can mark-up content semantically, usually conforming to an XML-based documentation standard. This is a format that can be easily processed by a computer. It makes the content machine-readable. This allows you to use software to make the content better for the users.


You can:

  • Re-use content in more than one place. This can be within the same document, in another document, or published to another output.
    • Create it once, and re-use it multiple times
    • Establish a “single source of truth”
  • Minimise consistency and style issues.
  • Filter content at sentence, phrase, or word level
  • Manage variations. For example, differences between different locations.
  • Provide personalised navigation paths
  • Provide personalised content for different job roles, location etc.
  • Have efficient translation of content
  • Automate some repetitive tasks

Case studies


Use Cases

Structured writing is good for:

  • AI powered chatbots
  • Help files
  • Policies and procedures
  • Sales proposals
  • Staff handbooks
  • User guides
  • Whitepapers

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