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Need someone to write your user manuals? Cherryleaf helps you provide manuals that give the right answer to their questions, every time.

You can use us to write user guides for your product or service. We have experience of working with companies both big and small.

We’ll create these for you, simply and efficiently, and within an agreed schedule and budget. This means you’ll keep your software project, and costs, on track.

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Client testimonials

Cherryleaf did great work for us at Truphone. They came, they listened, they worked hard, they delivered.

Mark Heath, Truphone CTO Technical writing services

I had some basic instructions for my new online application, Opportunity Matrix™, but absolutely no idea how to turn them into a proper Help system.

The information and guidance from Cherryleaf was always top notch, so I always knew exactly where the project was, and what the (quite reasonable) budget needed to be. I shall have no hesitation in using Cherryleaf again, and in recommending them.

Andrew Horder, Opportunity Matrix CEO Technical writing services

I’m very pleased with the enhancements to the Help System. You created very clear topics for some areas that I find difficult to explain. You also identified a number of ‘bugs’ with the current version that have now been fixed. This just continues to improve the product.

Bruce McNaughton, CEO, ProcessAssets CEO Technical writing services

Our approach

Our work involves:
  • Making any existing content clearer and easier to use.
  • Writing new content for you, where it's missing.
  • Organising the content in ways that make it easy for people to find the information they need.
  • Setting up systems so that information isn't left to stagnate and get out of date. Depending on your needs, these systems can:
    • Deliver the content in different formats.
    • Enable you to re-use chunks of text in different publications, and in different contexts for users:
      • Subsets delivered for different outputs.
      • Personalised content for different job roles, location etc.
      • Create it once, and re-use it multiple times.
    • Automate the exchange of content with other systems, so others can use your content in their outputs.

How it works

These are most common steps in a project:

  1. We agree the scope of the project
    • This involves understanding your requirements, the product’s capabilities, and the audience.
    • We agree the price for the work. The price will depend on the size and complexity of your product.
  2. We agree a project start date and the project begins
  3. Research and planning
    • Understanding your product in detail
    • Understanding your users’ needs
    • Creating a detailed project plan
  4. Develop a prototype
    • To confirm the completeness of the information design
    • Technical acceptability
    • To confirm the fitness for purpose
  5. Develop the first draft
    • Review by a technical or subject matter expert (and ideally, a user representative) for completeness and technical accuracy
  6. Develop the second draft
    • Review by a technical or subject matter expert
  7. Final draft – it’s ready for delivery

Have a preferred authoring tool or working method?

We can use a writing process that suits your workflow and technologies. Cherryleaf works with a wide range of authoring tools. We have close links with the leading Help tool vendors. For example: Adobe (makers of FrameMaker and RoboHelp) and MadCap Software (makers of Flare). We also work with Markdown-based tools and Microsoft Word.

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