Recruiting a large technical writing team

Large scale, enterprise-wide, IT projects often result in you needing to find a way to document the IT system, create user documentation and develop the training materials. You need to find people with the skills and time to do this.

Solving the documentation requirement in your supply chain

You might need a team of contractors to do this work for the duration of the project. That’s because it’s often cheaper and more efficient to hire a specilaised team for a specific project rather than hiring a full time author.

The good news is that you can hire that team from Cherryleaf. Cherryleaf has experience in finding you teams of contract Technical Authors who can work productively and efficiently as part of your team.

For one 18 month software project within the Ministry of Defence, we helped a Systems Integrator hire a team of Technical Communicators to develop the training courseware and online Help. The client had struggled to find training courseware developers for this role, and decided to use Technical Authors to work on the project instead. Using Cherryleaf’s recruitment service, they were able to have a team in place, on time, with the skills they needed.

If you don’t want to manage the team yourself, you also have the option of calling on Cherryleaf’s document project management services as well.

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