Cherryleaf interview in PC Pro Magazine

Cherryleaf’s Ginny Critcher has been interviewed by PC Pro Magazine about the role of the Technical Author today. Ginny has extensive project management skills and has considerable experience using the main technical authoring tools. She is fluent in Spanish, has an MSc (in Information Systems), a BA (in Spanish Studies) and an RSA TEFL (teaching English… Read more »

Writing as a career in IT

Here are the slides from our presentation to Year 10 children at The Matthew Arnold School in Staines-upon-Thames on writing as a career in IT. We looked at the different writing postions in companies, such as Apple, and then looked at the role of the Technical Author/Writer. The class had to write an instruction manual… Read more »

What to write in a personal reference

Recently, I was asked to provide a personal reference for someone who was a member of my aikido club, as she had applied for a new job (as an IT Project Manager). When writing personal references, I try to relate my experience of the person in the personal setting to the work environment. For example:… Read more »

Selecting the right Technical Author to recruit for your organisation

It’s been a while since we added an article to our Web site (these days we tend to post content to this blog), but we’ve just written one called Selecting the right Technical Author to recruit for your organisation. The role of the technical author (also known as Technical Writer or Information Developer) is one… Read more »