Slightly off topic: 5 steps to seducing someone with chocolate

Fraser Hay is a business growth expert, with whom, from time to time, we have a chat. After each conversation, we come away with a better focus for Cherryleaf’s marketing efforts. During our most recent discussion, Fraser said we weren’t focusing enough on the pain our prospective clients may have. Sometimes, we forget to talk about that, and blather… Read more »

Meet us at the Goodwood Festival of Speed

Going to the Goodwood Festival of Speed this Friday? If you fancy meeting Cherryleaf there (specifically, our Head of Cherryleaf Training, Ginny Critcher) let us know.

Life as a Technical Author – a case study

Prospects, “the UK’s official graduate careers website”, has published a case study on being a Technical Author. It’s actually a case study on someone at Cherryleaf, outlining how they became a Technical Author and the things they enjoy about the job. Life as a Technical Author – a case study