Dr Tony Self’s DITA training courses in London

We’ve arranged for Dr. Tony Self to host his DITA training workshops in London this October. Tony is based in Australia, and he also known as “Dr. DITA”, as he has a PhD in DITA. He is also the author of “The DITA Style Guide”. Publishing with the DITA Open Toolkit, 8 October 2012 Most… Read more »

Any user guide, as long as it’s black

At last week’s UAEurope conference (and in this season’s Communicator magazine), Dr. Tony Self suggested how car manufacture can be an allegory for the technical communication profession. Henry Ford revolutionised car manufacture when his production line replaced the method where cars were hand-made by artisans. Famously, Henry Ford offered the Model T in “any colour…… Read more »

So what is Single Sourcing and what is DITA?

Single Sourcing reduces the need to create and maintain duplicate content, by enabling you to use existing “chunks” of content. This means you can have the same information in different publications, and you can have a library of existing content to re-use when you’re developing new documents. The content is stored independently of the formatting,… Read more »

The infinitely reusable document

Alongside Education and Publishing, Design is a profession from whom Technical Communicators can learn a great deal. The BBC TV series, The Genius of Design, looked at new trends towards green, “cradle to cradle”, design, where components in objects are designed to be capable of being stripped down and reused infinitely. I’ve never head anyone… Read more »