Nine myths about technical writing

“We can design away the need for a user manual and online Help” The idea of a product that totally is intuitive to use, the product that sells itself, sounds terribly attractive. Often these are called commodities, and consumers tend to go for the cheapest one, or the one with the best brand image. There… Read more »

If your business ever has to stand in front of a judge..

If your business ever has to stand in front of a judge, you may regret believing the documentating of procedures didn’t matter. When things go wrong, people ask “where’s it written down?” You’ll find them looking at what’s documented to see where the blame lies.  If it’s not written down, or if it’s unclear, then the… Read more »

Video on the future of publishing

Penguin has released a very clever presentation on the future of publishing. Make sure you watch it all, as it shows the future can be viewed both positively and negatively. It is based on an Argentinian political advertisement called “The truth”.

UK General Medical Council’s solution for reducing prescription errors? More usable, better designed forms

The BBC News today has a great example of the impact procedures documents and usable forms can have upon people’s lives. It reports the General Medical Council is is calling for a UK-wide standard prescription chart as the best way to reduce the 9% of hospital prescriptions that contain a mistake. Against common opinion, the study found it wasn’t  doctors… Read more »