Staff handbook written in Word and converted to a responsive Web layout

In recent posts, we’ve been describing different ways to publish policy and procedure documents online. Here’s an example of a staff handbook that has been converted from Word to a responsive web layout. The home page provides links to the main sections in the handbook. In this example, we also changed many of the sentences… Read more »

Converting policy documents written in Word to HTML – Example

In recent posts, we’ve been describing the different ways to publish policy and procedure documents online. Often, organisations want to write their content in Microsoft Word, as staff are familiar with the application. However, they also want a very nice, and usable, online version. Here’s an example of a direct conversion from Word to HTML. Before… Read more »

Management processes example

We’ve been asked by a client to put together some proof of concepts for policies and procedures guides. The XYZ Management Guide contains diagrams with “hotspots”.  You can click on parts of the images and jump to further information about a particular process or role.

Pre- and Post- Brexit procedures examples

Below are two proof of concept examples of a policy document. In these examples, the selling old mobile phones topic contains a filter for pre- and post- Brexit information. Users can use the filter option to switch between both versions. The benefit of doing this is because the reader doesn’t get overwhelmed with information, and the… Read more »

Brexit and the impact on organisational policies and procedures

With the triggering of Article 50, the United Kingdom is likely to be out of the single market in two years time. It will be able to set its own regulations within the United Kingdom, but will almost certainly have to follow EU regulations when trading with EU27 countries. This means organisations will have to manage… Read more »