Questions to ask a Documentation Manager

We’re starting to conduct a series of interviews with Documentation Managers; our goal is to provide case studies of best practice and innovative ideas. We’ll be publishing edited versions of these interviews on Cherryleaf’s YouTube channel. So: What questions do you think should we ask? What would you like to know from Documentation Managers? Email… Read more »

3 questions to ask when creating Web-based user documentation

If Web-based user documentation can improve a company’s Web site ranking, then it makes sense for technical writers to take advantage of this fact. So if you’re writing Web-based user documentation, how willing are you to change your writing style for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) considerations? Would you decline – arguing for the purity of… Read more »

Google, its new Augmented Reality service, and what it could mean for your product documentation

Google has launched its first Augmented Reality application – one that could affect greatly the field of technical documentation in the future. This is probably the most significant announcement in this field since Cherryleaf first began discussing augmented reality and its potential impact on technical documents back in 2008. In 2008, we said: There could be a time where… Read more »

Using Web Analytics in Technical Documentation: interview with an expert

This is a 10 minute extract from a 45 minute interview we carried out with Dr Chris Bose, a Web Analytics expert, on the topic of using Web Analytics in technical documentation. It’s also a test of another way to publish a screencast – as a MP4 video. This format means the interview can be embedded into this blog. Please note,… Read more »

Ten trends in technical communication for 2010 and beyond

Happy New Year! Let’s take the opportunity to look forward into 2010 and beyond. Here are, in no particular order, ten predictions to consider. As we’ve talked about some of these on our blog before, we’ve included links to these earlier posts. 1. The battle between the “Engineering” and “Craft” schools of thought within technical… Read more »