Cherryleaf’s online induction technical author course gains ISTC accreditation

This Institute of Scientific and Technical Communicators (ISTC) has today accredited our £175 Technical author basic/induction training course. As this is an independent assessment of its quality, we’re delighted to have this course accreditation. The ISTC’s reviewers provided us with a lot of feedback. This was more than a paper exercise and Technical Authors are… Read more »

New – Technical Writer induction course

Yesterday, we launched our online Technical Writer induction course. This online course covers the technical documentation process and the skills you need in order to be a successful Technical Writer or Technical Author. Created by the authors of the popular “How to Write Instructions” book, this 14 module course explains the technical communicator’s role in… Read more »

Is most beginner technical writing training out of touch with the real world?

In developing our new Technical author basic/induction training course modules, one thing that struck us was it is easy to talk about a technical writing process that is often not followed in reality. For example, most books on technical writing describe how the writing project begins with a planning stage, an activity where the project is… Read more »

Gamification of User Assistance – “RPG Maker for teens”

The latest addition to our bookshelf is RPG Maker for teens, which was released in the UK last week. “RPG Maker for teens shows teens and other beginners how to make fun, fantasy role-playing games that they can play and distribute on their computers using the easy-to-learn RPG Maker VX 1.20 program. RPG Maker requires… Read more »