Will “Context is King” apply to user assistance?

Ashkan Karbasfrooshan has written an article called “Context is King: How Videos Are Found And Consumed Online“, in which he argues: Times have changed. In fact, less and less often do consumers even seek out content by actually going to a given site. To paraphrase Jeff Jarvis, if something is important, it will find me, be it… Read more »

The “Beyond Documentation” Webinar videos

Scriptorium Inc has uploaded the “Beyond Documentation” Webinar Ellis delivered back in August 2009. In this session he looked at the future of technical writing and likely changes to the ways in which user assistance is delivered. We asked: Are we moving beyond documents? If so, what does this mean for technical communicators? Part 1:… Read more »

UK Govt says “RTFM” to new fathers

Yet another sign that quick reference cards are back in fashion: Plans to be set out in the Families Green Paper will propose better advice and information for couples and address the balance between work and childcare by considering ways to make public services more “family friendly”. Under the Green Paper, new fathers will be… Read more »

The business case for SaaS (Software as a Service)

Intellect’s SaaS group has published recently a paper called “The business case for Software as a Service“. The paper lays out the technical and cost benefits of SaaS, together with checklists covering selection criteria, legal considerations and comparisons of SaaS applications to traditional in-house systems. Cherryleaf made some minor contributions to this paper – so minor we… Read more »

Using barcodes to deliver Help text

Following on from our recent post about Google’s Augmented Reality application and the subsequent comments between myself and Anne Gentle, we thought it be useful to expand on our comments on how barcodes could also be a means for delivering Help text. Google’s operating system for mobile phones, Android, includes barcode scanning capabilities. There’s free,… Read more »