When will the Technical Author become the Customer Engagement Manager?

Rahal Baillie posted on Twitter a link to an article which, in passing, made reference to “Customer Engagement Management“. Julie Hunt described it as: The activity of monitoring of brand and customer conversations on corporate websites, as well as bi-directional communication extensions to external social sites. In essence, it’s about creating and managing content that… Read more »

“Digital Natives” and the end of traditional hotline support

Are we seeing a new generation growing up who are shying away from telephone-based support in favour of text-based support? This is one conclusion we can draw from a New York Times article last week on teenagers (whom it called “Digital Natives”) and technology. It reported on research from the Pew Research Center that indicated: Children… Read more »

Getting the balance right between hotline support and user documentation

Many organisations find it hard to know how much time, money and effort to put into supporting their users. There’s a competition, of sorts, between the Technical Support and Technical Publications departments over how much budget they should receive. In some organisations, these departments are also competing, in a way, with content generated by users… Read more »

Help in the clouds

Earlier this week, Google announced the launch of the Google Apps Marketplace, promising a one-stop shop for Web-based applications. Organisations will be able to build their individual suite of Web-based applications that integrate with Google’s own applications (for example, its word-processor and email applications). The idea is that you’ll have “best of breed” applications from a range of suppliers, rather than… Read more »