Webinar 27 July – Delivering user documentation in a downturn

This free Cherryleaf webinar is for people who must manage documentation projects with limitations on their budget and personnel. Among the things we’ll cover are: How the recent economic downturn and signs of recovery have affected the way some organisations deliver user assistance. What you can do when “nice to have” is no longer on… Read more »

Writing technical documentation in 2010 and beyond

If new technologies are creating new social behaviours in people, do those writing technical documentation need to adapt to these changes? Linda Stone, who coined the phrase “continous partial attention“,  argues users have, over time, changed the way they use technology. They’ve moved from an era of creating, to an era of connecting and then onto one of… Read more »

Using Web Analytics in Technical Documentation: interview with an expert

This is a 10 minute extract from a 45 minute interview we carried out with Dr Chris Bose, a Web Analytics expert, on the topic of using Web Analytics in technical documentation. It’s also a test of another way to publish a screencast – as a MP4 video. This format means the interview can be embedded into this blog. Please note,… Read more »

Transatlantic video interview with Anne Gentle on the Social Web for Documentation

We’ve just uploaded a 15 minute extract from a transatlantic video interview I recently conducted with Anne Gentle, where we talked about The Social Web for Documentation.  The sound is a little patchy on the first slide, but it improves afterwards. A longer, 37 minute, version will be available to anyone who purchases the Cherryleaf Learning Zone… Read more »

Training Webinars/Webcast events for technical communicators

We would like to invite you to a programme of training Webcast events  with us and our colleagues from the TechComm Alliance, where we will share our knowledge and advice that will make you a better technical communicator. We’re putting together a programme of the best speakers we can find – to improve your skills and… Read more »