FrameMaker (2019 Release) training course

This is a two-day introductory course designed for new users of Adobe FrameMaker, which has been approved by Adobe Technical Communication.

Who is this for?

This course is for Technical Authors, Technical Writers, technical communication professionals, or anyone who needs to understand how to use FrameMaker (2019 Release).

What will I learn?

You’ll learn the underlying principles behind using an authoring tool to organise and publish your content. You’ll also get practical training in how to create content that can be re-used in multiple products and viewed across multiple channels.

You’ll explore how FrameMaker (2019 Release) can make your workflow more productive – how to set up a personalised workspace; add, style and format content; and publish multiple types of outputs.

You’ll discover how to incorporate added functionality, such as cross-references, tables and graphics, and how to use ready-made, customisable templates that make setting up and creating your content quick and easy.

Teaching method

This training course includes live classroom training, either on-site at your location, or online via Adobe Connect. The course includes live demonstrations, explanations and activities to help you use FrameMaker as you learn.

You’ll also receive course materials that are yours to keep and refer to after you’ve completed the course.

Topics covered

This is a two-day introductory course, approved by Adobe, for new users of Adobe FrameMaker

Day 1: Organising your content for digital publishing

We’ll discuss organising content around topics and structure with examples of how the 2019 version of FrameMaker helps you re-use content for multiple outputs/products/users. We’ll look at how creating topics allows for flexible publishing. We’ll discuss planning for content transition to FrameMaker. We’ll have a practice session in which you create a plan for importing your content into FrameMaker as topics, rather than long documents.

Also on Day 1, we’ll explore the FrameMaker (2019 Release) interface and begin adding and formatting content.

Day 2: Improving productivity and adding customisation

We’ll focus on additional functionality within FrameMaker to improve productivity while adding content elements, such as table of contents, conditional text, variables, cross-references, and so on. We’ll also learn how to work with master pages and page elements such as headers and footers. Finally, we’ll explore multichannel publishing and how to customise for each publishing option.

Prerequisites - None

Topics include

  • Overview of FrameMaker
  • Understand panels, pods and workspaces
  • Navigation techniques and zoom techniques
  • Publishing to PDF
  • Using styles
  • Working with graphics
  • Learn to create ‘nimble’ content that can go anywhere
  • Learn to create ‘nimble’ content that can be re-used
  • Outline a plan for importing ‘nimble’ content into FrameMaker
  • Use paragraph designer to format paragraphs
  • Insert footnotes
  • Edit master pages
  • Create anchored frames
  • Create books files from individual documents
  • Create a book TOC
  • Create an index
  • Use character designer
  • Use table designer to create and customise tables
  • Create and edit cross-references and hyperlinks
  • Add conditional text

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