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Learn how to plan UX design projects for online services

User experience (UX) is a design discipline for:

    • Finding out what problems people who use a service have
    • Creating solutions to those problems
    • Testing the solutions with people

This course help managers and teams to plan and manage UX work for for online services. It provides foundational knowledge into what deliverables teams should expect from designers, at what stage of the process, and at what standard of quality. This includes the timing, scope, and budget.

Who is this for?

This course is for senior professionals in any role who are involved with the creation of online services. It does not teach design skills. It provides foundational knowledge in order to reduce risks, shorten delivery times, and improve quality in online service delivery.

What will I learn?

You will be able to:

  • Understand the key stages in the UX process
    • Create a problem statement
    • Name and describe common activities in discovery research
    • the difference between ‘discovery research’ and ‘usability research’
    • The fundamentals of usability research
    • The value of different kinds of prototypes
  • Make the business case for UX
    • Describe the legal and financial risks associated with poor usability
    • Understand intentional and unintentional harm in design ethics
  • Plan the key stages in the UX process
    • Describe how UX relates to agile, scrum, and waterfall
    • The different levels of maturity in UX
  • Plan for accessibility
  • Identify the key skills needed in a UX team
    • The different job roles associated with UX
    • Identify the characteristics of a great UX designer

Topics covered

What is UX?

  • Defining ‘design’
  • Design as a problem-solving discipline
  • Design as a process driven discipline

Approaches to UX

  • How we got here: a short history of design
  • Design thinking
  • The ‘double diamond’

The research stage

  • Solving the right problem
  • Types of discovery research
  • Usability research

What does UX deliver?

  • Activities in the discovery phase (interviews, contextual enquiry etc)
  • Artefacts in the discovery phase (affinity maps, personas, etc)
  • Types of prototypes
  • Design systems

Managing risk

  • Cost implications of poor usability
  • Legal implications of poor usability
  • Design ethics

Integrating with other approaches

  • UX activities in an Agile environment
  • UX and lean, waterfall, and scrum

Planning for accessibility and inclusion

  • UX and accessibility
  • Inclusive design

Working with UX designers

  • Understanding job titles and seniority levels in UX
  • Identifying UX skills in consultants, new hires, and your existing team
  • Organisational maturity in UX

Duration and delivery format

Screenshot of class delivered over Microsoft TeamsThis course is currently offered to your staff teams as a virtual classroom course, delivered over Microsoft Teams or Zoom. Delegates use collaborative whiteboards extensively.

The course is split into two sessions of 3 hours each, delivered on different days.


The prices for the group courses depend on the number of delegates taking them. If you have a rough idea of numbers, then we can put together a quotation for you.

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