Technical writing bootcamp training course

Cherryleaf offers intensive in-house documentation bootcamps in technical writing.

Who is this course for?

The bootcamp is for code school students and other developers who:

  • Need basic writing skills to write meaningful error codes, bug reports, project status updates, and other types of communication
  • Need a solid understanding of the fundamentals of technical writing
  • Want to communicate more clearly and effectively
  • Want to know how little, or how much, they should write

We can also provide bootcamps for groups who will be spending a significant part of their time working on end-user content, as a Technical Writer.




What will I learn?

You will learn:

  • The documentation process
  • How to work more efficiently
    • How to write and design your information in a structured, useful and usable way
  • Writing skills and proper use of English

Teaching method

This course is available as an onsite classroom course, usually at your own location. You have option of modifying it to suit your requirements. The course includes live demonstrations, explanations and activities to help you as you learn. It is also available as a live online course for in-house teams .

You’ll also receive course materials for you to refer to after you’ve completed the course. These include 6 months access to videos covering the key teaching points from the course.


Suggested course outline

  • What is technical writing?
  • Audience analysis
    • Who am I writing for?
    • What do they need to know?
  • Overview of the writing process
  • Planning your content
    • The traditional way
    • In an Agile environment
  • Researching the product and users
  • The Information Design stage
  • Authoring tools
    • Using templates to write
    • Static sites v the alternatives
  • Writing the topics – How to write and present different types of information
    • Task-based writing
    • Procedural writing
    • User story writing
    • Error code writing
    • Bug writing
  • Writing the topics – Language style and English grammar
    • Writing for a global audience
  • Writing the topics – Using images, screen captures and videos
  • Information design
    • Organising the content
  • Writing the topics – Index, Search and Metadata
    • Hyperlinking
  • Reviewing and editing
    • Checking your own work
    • Editorial feedback
    • Technical feedback

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