Report writing training course

Learn the skills needed to create clear and effective reports

Reports play an important part in the lives of many business people. They can also take up a lot of time to create.

Your reports also need to be good. They need to be clear and credible. Your ability to communicate complex technical information can have an impact on how effective you are in your job. 

Cherryleaf’s report writing courses and workshops teach people how to write clear and effective reports, in a straightforward and efficient way.


Who should attend this course?

This course is for anyone involved in communicating their ideas, information or recommendations to others in reports in a business context, and who is:

  • Unhappy with the outcomes of their reports
  • Spending too much time on creating reports
  • Wanting to create better and more effective reports

What will I learn?

  • How to write clearly, even if writing doesn’t come naturally
  • Confidence in the work you produce
  • How to save time and write in an efficient way
  • How to analyse your audience and tailor the content to their specific needs
  • How to use best practice in structuring your document

Teaching method

This course is available as an onsite classroom course or workshop, usually at your own location. You have option of modifying it to suit your requirements.

The course includes live demonstrations, explanations and activities to help you as you learn. It is also available as a live online course for in-house teams .

You’ll also receive course materials for you to refer to after you’ve completed the course. These include 6 months access to videos that cover the key teaching points from the course.


Course content


  • Why do we need to create reports?
  • Types of reports and their intended aims
  • What are the characteristics of good reports?

Identifying the audience

  • Who is our audience?
    • In what situation will they be reading this?
    • What exactly do they need to know?
    • What is the necessary content and the less-important information
  • How do we meet the needs of more than one audience?
    • The technical reader
    • The decision maker

Planning the document and organising your thoughts

  • Establishing the purpose and scope of our document
  • Outlining and planning the document
    • Getting started
    • Deciding what to include or leave out of your document
  • How to structure and organise the content in a logical and coherent order
    • Developing a formal hierarchy
  • Knowing where to place the most important information, so you focus your readers’ attention on those details
  • Planning different types of reports

Writing the sections

  • How to present different types of information
    • Comparisons
    • Investigations
    • Evaluations
    • Recommendations
    • Feasibility assessments
  • Using plain English – what do we mean by this? Description and examples of plain English
  • Getting to the point and being concise
  • Grammar basics
  • Writing the summary
  • Collaborative, team-based, writing

How to present different types of information

  • Page layout and how this can help users find what they are looking for

Presenting data and using images

  • Identify the best type of visual format for your data
  • Telling a story with data
  • Different ways to present data (data visualization)
  • Types of graphs
  • Attention theories
  • Gestalt
  • Colour theories
  • Simplifying information

Managing and governance

  • Reviewing and editing
  • Time saving techniques
  • Reusing content
  • Ensuring consistency
  • Managing terminology




How much does it cost?

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Our expertise

Cherryleaf has many years experience in writing and editing technical and business documents for clients such as Affidea, Almabani, Clearscore, NHS, Samaritans, and a number of rapidly growing software companies. We also have many years experience of teaching writing skills to technical writers and other staff within organisations.

Based outside of the UK?

live training over the web

Private, single company, courses are also available - delivered live over the Web from our studio, or at your premises. 

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