Policies and procedures writing training workshop

Cherryleaf’s policies and procedures workshops look at basic and advanced techniques for writing large sets of policies and procedures.

See also – Cherryleaf’s policies and procedures writing course.

Who is this for?

This course is for teams involved in writing or editing policies and procedures, and who are:

  • Having to deal with large and complex sets of policies and procedures.
  • Working with more than one writer.
  • Needing to meet the needs of multiple regulatory bodies.
  • Writing for more than one audience.
  • Wanting to write clearer policies and procedures.

Topics covered

We can adapt the workshop to suit your situation.

Topics covered can include:

  • What do we mean by a policy, procedure and process?
  • Outlining and planning the document
    • Researching the product and audience
  • Information design
    • Outlining and planning the document
    • Navigation flows and filtering content, to meet the needs of more than one audience
    • Creating re-usable chunks of content
    • How to help users in find what they are looking for
    • How to meet the needs of regulatory bodies
  • Establishing standards
    • Writing the topics
    • Using plain English
    • How to present different types of information
  • Tools and technologies
    • Writing and publishing the policies and procedures
    • Managing the content
  • Governance
  • Best practices for effective policies and procedures
  • Maintaining the content and keeping it up to date

Our expertise

Cherryleaf has many years experience in writing and editing policies and procedures documents for clients such as Affidea, Almabani, Clearscore, NHS, Samaritans, and a number of rapidly growing software companies. We also have many years experience of teaching writing skills to technical writers and other staff within organisations.

Onsite course

We provide this as an onsite workshop. This can be at your offices or at our training centre in central London.

We also offer a public policies and procedures writing course, which we hold at our training centre in central London. Choose the training course if you don’t need to learn advanced techniques, or if you don’t have enough people to run a workshop.

Contact us

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If you can’t see the course you want, we may still be able to meet your needs.