Should we offer a workshop on documentation as a emotional experience for users?

We’re presenting on documentation as a emotional experience for users at the TCUK conference later this month, and we’re considering whether we should develop this 40 minute presentation into a workshop. Technical documentation written today really doesn’t take into account the different states of emotion users can have, and this can lead to users bypassing… Read more »

The tiny, tiny user guide

Here is a scan, in actual size, of two pages from a user guide that came with a speaker we purchased this week: Less isn’t always more, particularly when it comes to the size of the typeface.

An innovative approach for a user manual from Samsung

Here is a very innovative approach to providing a user guide, from Samsung : According to Vitamin Design: These books actually contain the phone. Each page reveals the elements of the phone in the right order, helping the user to set up the sim card, the battery and even slide the case onto the phone…. Read more »

UK Govt says “RTFM” to new fathers

Yet another sign that quick reference cards are back in fashion: Plans to be set out in the Families Green Paper will propose better advice and information for couples and address the balance between work and childcare by considering ways to make public services more “family friendly”. Under the Green Paper, new fathers will be… Read more »