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Who we are

Cherryleaf is a technical writing services company formed in 2002 by four people with a passion for technical communication and learning development. Today, we’re based by the western edge of London (“Silicon upon Thames”) and in Brighton. Our clients are based mostly in the UK and EU27 countries. If you are based elsewhere, we still may be able to help.

We have a combination of technical knowledge and communication skills. We apply these, in most cases, by creating written content.

Who we help

Project Managers who are launching a new product or service

They’re working in software and technology companies. They need API reference, Help, compliance, UI/UX content, or training documentation for their products and services.

 Managers responsible for policies and procedures

They need clear to provide clear and up-to-date policies, procedures and other compliance information written for their staff.

Developers who need to write API or end-user documentation

They want to improve their communication skills, or find someone who can do the writing for them.

People needing to hire technical communicators

Managers or HR professionals who need a specialist who can find them candidates for their vacant technical communication roles.

Professional technical communicators

They want training to become a better technical communicator.

People starting their careers in technical writing

They want to improve their technical communication skills.

What we produce for you

These days, it can misleading to think only in terms of paper manuals, online Help, or even a document itself. What we produce could appear as sentence on a dialog screen, a pop-up definition on a web page, a callout in an onboarding screen, as a subtitle to a video walkthrough, and so on.

Content as Service Design

Venn diagram

We see content as Service Design – bridging the gap between what users want to do, and the things users cannot figure out for themselves. This means the mindset of:

  • Empathy for users and for learners
    • Content is there for a purpose.
    • You need the right information for your audience.
  • Explaining in a way that users can understand
    • You can’t fit all the information users need into a UI screen
    • Create content that is useful, usable, findable, credible, accurate, concrete, and complete.
    • Use clear English.
  • Using the right tool and medium
    • We take a vendor-neutral view. We want to recommend the best solution for your needs.
  • Offering a range of services
    • We can still help even when you want to do a lot of it yourself.
    • We’ve trained nearly 1,000 people in technical communication. Join in!

Our owners

Ellis Pratt

Ellis is a Consulting Technical Communicator and Director at Cherryleaf. He has been working in technical communication since the early 1990s. He has a degree in Business Studies. He is also:

  • A Member of the Institute of Scientific and Technical Communicators (ISTC)
  • An Associate of the Institution of Engineering and Technology

He was a judge for the UK Technical Communication Awards 2020 and the DevPortal Awards 2020.  He is a regular conference speaker on technical communication topics.

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Ginny Critcher

Ginny has a background as a skilled trainer and information designer. She has over twenty years experience in teaching and training throughout the world. Ginny has extensive project management skills. She also has considerable experience using the main technical authoring tools.

Ginny is fluent in Spanish.

She has:

  • An MSc (in Information Systems)
  • A BA (in Spanish Studies)
  • A RSA TEFL (teaching English as a foreign language) certificate

Ginny manages the development of Cherryleaf’s training courses.
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Awards, Books and Memberships

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Training course accreditations

ISTC Accredited Course

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Cherryleaf’s Technical Author/technical writing training course‘s content is accredited by the Institute of Scientific and Technical Communicators, the professional body for Technical Communicators in the United Kingdom. It is an independent assessment of the course’s quality. This course is also recommended by The Australian Society for Technical Communication and The Technical Communicators Association of New Zealand to their members.

Cherryleaf’s Advanced Technical Communication training course is recommended by The Australian Society for Technical Communication and The Technical Communicators Association of New Zealand to their members.

Published books

Cherryleaf’s staff are contributors to the following books:

The Language of Technical Communication book coverISTC book cover

Legal information

Registered in England 4575705

VAT Number 803 2288 54

Carol Johnston

Carol Johnston MA (Cantab), who was one of Cherryleaf’s original founders, died on 22 January 2012. Please see the eulogy on our blog.

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