Chatbot for planning and estimating policies and procedures

We have created an experimental chatbot that can help you with planning and estimating your policies and procedures. See: Cherryleaf policies and procedures planning chatbot The chatbot is based on OpenAI’s GPTS technology. A GPTs is a customised version of ChatGPT that combines instructions, extra knowledge, and other skills. This chatbot is configured to help… Read more »

Podcast 147: The art of persuasion

This month’s podcast looks at the language of persuasion and how Technical Authors can use it. What do we mean by persuasive language? What is nudging and are we as technical authors able to use this type of language? As part of the research for this podcast I watched some public information films and read… Read more »

Register for our webinar on 28 May: Results from our “Using AI in techcomm” 2024 survey

We’ve opened up registration for a webinar we’re holding on Tuesday 28th May 2024. We’ll share our findings from Cherryleaf’s 2024 survey into the use of AI and ChatGPT in technical communications. We’ll also compare these results to the results from the similar survey in 2023. The questions in the survey included: How familiar are… Read more »