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A range of business and technical writing training courses

Many people need to create instructions for end users, but they’ve never had any proper training in how to do this. They might need to develop online Help, procedures, API reference, UI text, user guides or training courses. Are they doing a good job? How could their content could be better? Often, they don’t know.

Cherryleaf teaches you the skills to create great instructional content with ease. We've trained nearly 1,000 people in technical communication. Join in!

You can choose from affordable online courses, classroom-based training courses, podcasts or workshops in technical communication, content strategy, and written business communication.

You’ll improve your skills, and become more confident in your abilities.

If you’ve been involved in technical writing for some time, our advanced courses are an ideal way to develop your skills, and keep them up to date. They are a great way to keep learning and improving yourself.

Overview of our courses

Business communication courses


  • Business writing (Intermediate/Advanced)

Virtual classroom

  • Policies and procedures writing
  • Writing financial policies and procedures
  • Writing HR policies and procedures
  • Planning and managing UX

Classroom/on premises

  • Policies and procedures writing

Technical communication courses


  • Technical Author/Technical Writer/technical writing training course (this covers the fundamentals of technical writing)
  • Trends in technical communication (free course)
  • Creating screenshots and images for user guides
  • Intermediate/Advanced technical communication
    • Creating API documentation and developer portals
    • Creating screenshots and images for user guides
    • DITA fundamentals
    • Managing software documentation projects
    • Markdown and AsciiDoc
    • Revising and editing content
    • Single sourcing and content reuse
    • Structured writing fundamentals
    • Trends in technical communication
    • Technical copywriting
    • UI writing
  • Technical writing for developers (elearning version)
  • Planning and creating content for customer onboarding

Virtual classroom

  • Fundamentals of technical writing (This is the live trainer version on our Technical Author/Technical Writer/technical writing training course)
  • Technical writing for Support staff
  • Technical writing for developers (virtual classroom version)
  • UI writing for developers

Classroom/on premises

  • Adobe FrameMaker

Client testimonials

Thank you very much for an interesting and thought-provoking course. The content and themes are very relevant to Citrix Technical Publications as we regularly look at trends and how we can respond and innovate.

The way in which customers consume our content is changing, as are the different expectations customers have regarding user assistance and support. Your course provided further insight and ideas regarding how to review and adapt to ensure content is relevant and appealing to our customers.

Amanda Lindsay, Citrix Training

As an IT team, we had an array of support documentation for systems and services that we'd always struggled to have a consistent format, style and structure for. The course delivered by Ellis Pratt really clarified the best practices to use and answered many of the questions we had.

We were so satisfied with the service provided by Ellis that we contacted Cherryleaf to create an exemplary piece of documentation for one of our systems, with an aim to using the documentation as a template for our other services going forwards. Ginny Critcher was always punctual, polite and efficient in all her work. Where there were any doubts or suggestions, Ginny would provide insight into what the best approach would be in an eloquent and thoughtful manner.

Alan Oakden, MyScience Training

The Cherryleaf DITA course ticked a lot of the boxes for me: good content, good value, and available without having to travel to the South East. The introduction to the key DITA areas was presented very well – I have read similar information in books and online, but I was able to absorb it much better through the e-learning course.

Craig Wright

There is something new to learn for most technical authors who are in the early stages of their career. Overall, I would say that the course did benefit me, and I can see myself revisiting parts of it in the future.

Emma W., ARM plc Technical Author/technical writing online training course

I attended a job interview which included a written exercise where I had to jot down how I would go about designing and presenting information for the users of the service unit I was applying to. I could not believe my luck, it was as if the interviewer had designed it with the contents of this course in mind, and, as a result, I got the job!

Amber A. Technical Author/technical writing online training course

I thought it was an excellent course – very thought-provoking and useful. The exercises were enjoyable and really helped, far beyond simply reading from a book about the tasks involved in the job. And I greatly appreciate all your advice and support.

Karl D. Technical Author/technical writing online training course

Thank you very much for all your feed-back – I’ve been reading through this as it has come in this morning. This is really useful and very much appreciated.

David H. Technical Author/technical writing online training course

I will certainly use this in my organisation. It’ll enable me to discuss content strategy knowledgeably.

AB Content Design and Strategy Training Online Course

I found this training very useful and enjoyable too. I took the course on Friday and this week am putting into action the suggested tasks from the course, just thought you would find this useful to know.

D.D. Content Design and Strategy Training Online Course

Everything was perfect: the place, the facilities, the program AND the trainer of course!

Audrey Gallois-Lacouture DITA training course

Excellent over-view and will be useful for practical application. Much food for thought – useful for starting ideas on improving (the) existing approach to Help files.

Advanced technical writing & new trends in technical communication training

Thank you for the fabulous course on Friday. I can’t wait to start implementing some of the new techniques. 

Helen Griffith, NewVoiceMedia Advanced technical writing & new trends in technical communication training

Technical Author/Technical Writer/technical writing training course

Learn to write like a professional technical communicator. This course teaches you the fundamentals of technical writing, and helps you understand your role as a Technical Author (or similar position).

For more information, see:

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Logo for Australian Society for Technical Communication

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Two course bundles

We offer bundles that contain two courses at a discounted price.

Each bundle contains the technical Author/technical writing online training course – with reviewed assessments, feedback and a certificate.

Intermediate/Advanced technical communication training course

Write like the best professional technical communicators. Manage your projects with less stress. Be on top of the latest trends and technologies.

Cherryleaf’s intermediate/advanced technical communication skills course provides you with access to a collection of online modules in technical communication, under a low cost monthly subscription plan.

You pay for it for as long as you need it. You can stop when you want, and the subscription will finish at the end of that month. It’s a good way to maintain the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) required by technical communication societies.

Logo for Australian Society for Technical Communicationtechcommnz logo

It contains:

For API documentation projects

For larger or more complex documentation projects

For Software as a Service documentation projects

General topics

Go to the course website

Other technical communication courses

Trends in technical communication (free course)

Updated course: This course covers the new trends emerging in software-related technical communication.

Planning and creating content for customer onboarding

New: Cherryleaf’s elearning course on content for user onboarding gives you the foundations for onboarding new customers in an effective way. The course includes exercises and model answers for the delegates to complete and review.

Creating screenshots and images for user guides

We also offer our “Creating screenshots and images for user guides” elearning course separately from our Intermediate/Advanced technical communication training course bundle.

Writing courses for developers

Writing courses for Support staff

This course teaches Support staff the key skills of technical writing. This enables you to create content that helps users solve problems for themselves.

Classroom courses for software tools

Free training on technical communication

Delegates also get access to all the past episodes of the Cherryleaf Podcast. There's over 30 hours of free training and advice on becoming a better technical and business communicator for you to listen to. It includes interviews with technical communicators at companies such as Amazon, Cisco, Google and VMWare.

Professional certification as a technical communicator - Technical Author qualifications

certified member logoCherryleaf’s training courses can help you become a Junior, Certified Member or Certified Fellow of the Institute of Scientific and Technical Communicators (ISTC). The ISTC is the national professional body for technical communicators in the UK. It has members around the world. Junior Members, Members and Fellows are certified by the ISTC through a vetting process, with Members and Fellows entitled to use the initials MISTC or FISTC after their names. All ISTC members have a responsibility to maintain their professional competence through Continuing Professional Development (CPD). Cherryleaf’s courses can help demonstrate you are extending and updating your skills.

Based outside of the UK?

Private, single company, courses are also available - delivered live over the Web from our studio, or at your premises.Contact Cherryleaf for more details.

Course administration

Our Course Administration page gives details on our training terms and conditions.

Where we teach our public classroom courses

Cherryleaf’s classroom courses are held at Savoy Place, London WC2R. This is close to the Strand and Waterloo Bridge.

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