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The Cherryleaf Podcast is a podcast on creating clearer and simpler information, technical writing, technical communication, and related topics. You can ask your question to the podcast team. We’ll see if we can feature it in a future episode of our podcast.

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We conduct short surveys into most important issues organisations face with regard to technical communication. Most should take about three to four minutes to complete.

We’ll be sharing our findings on the Cherryleaf blog and Cherryleaf podcast. Any information will be anonymised, and we won’t be publishing individual responses.

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Published articles

Article on value of technical communication

  • Guide to chatbots in technical communication
  • The changing nature of content (voice and tone)
  • “If you’re not telling your story, someone else will do it for you” (Social Media and technical communication)
  • The changing nature of content (whitepaper commissioned by Adobe)
  • Towards an Agile authoring methodology (whitepaper commissioned by Adobe)
  • “A Technical Communication User’s Hierarchy of Needs.” Intercom, January 2016
  • Can we quit QWERTY?, Communicator, Autumn 2015.
  • “The Emotion Factor in User Manuals: How to Use Affective Assistance to Create More Loyal Customers” Intercom Dec 2010/Jan 2011, and Communicator Winter 2010/11
  • “What Every Business can learn from a Haynes Manual” STC Devil Mountain Views (East Bay Chapter of STC); November/December 2010
  • “A Different Perspective on Measuring the Value of Technical Communication” Intercom; July/August 2009
  • “How We Work with Technical Communicators” Technically Write (STC Lonestar Community); December 2008
  • “The Death of the Technical Author?” Dateline Houston; January/February 2005
  • “Help formats” The Communicator; Winter 2004
  • “RoboHelp vs WebWorks” The Communicator; Spring 2004
  • “Implementing single sourcing” The Communicator; Summer 2003
  • “Single Sourcing” STC Forward; March 2003
  • “Nine Trends in online user assistance” tekom newsletter; November 2003
  • “Understanding single sourcing” The Communicator; Spring 2003



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