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Feeling stressed about your customers getting stuck, and not finding the answers they need? Getting too many support calls?

On this page, you’ll discover the different ways Cherryleaf helps organisations give their users instructional content to solve problems on their own.

We work with clients across the UK and continental Europe. If you are based elsewhere, we still may be able to help you.

Cherryleaf’s services

Technical or procedures writing

When you want content written for you for an agreed price, simply and efficiently

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Training courses

When you want to learn how to become a better technical or business communicator

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When you want a contract Technical Author/Writer/API documentation writer

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Content writing – Have content written for you, simply and efficiently

Technical writing services

Cherryleaf’s Technical Authors create clear information for you, simply and efficiently. Use us when you need to write:

Policy and procedures writing services

Clear company procedures can make your staff more efficient, reduce errors and lower costs.

Training courses

ISTC Accredited Course

Become a better technical or business communicator

Cherryleaf offers courses in technical communication, content strategy, and written business communication. Choose from affordable video-based online courses, classroom training courses, or workshops.

Technical communication courses:

  • Authoring tools training
  • Content strategy training course
  • Creating online Help
  • DITA course
  • Editing and revising content
  • Embedded Help and UI text
  • Every Page is Page One writing method
  • Information design
  • Markdown
  • Project planning
  • Single sourcing
  • Technical writing bootcamps
  • Technical writing courses (beginners and advanced)
  • End user documentation writing skills for developers

Business writing courses:

  • Policies and procedures writing course
  • Technical copywriting course
  • Report writing training course

Contract & recruitment services

Recruiting a Technical Author? Let’s connect you to a larger pool of great candidates

Hiring a technical communicator can be hard. You may need a specialist recruiter.

Cherryleaf’s recruitment services can help you find the right:

  • Technical Author/Technical Writer/Information Developer
  • API documentation writer/Documentarian
  • Procedures writer
  • Training courseware developer

You’ll get access to a great selection of candidates with less effort, risk and stress.

Hiring a freelance/contract technical communicator

Hiring a contract Technical Writer is a good choice for you if you want someone to be “up and running” as soon as possible, and your existing team doesn’t have the time or skills to create the content. The difference between this service and our projects service is that, in this case, we don’t manage the project for you. You and/or the contractor determine the plan of work.

You can have a contract technical communicator for a period that suits your needs: a month, three months, six months, or a year.

Recruiting a permanent technical communicator

This is a good choice for you if you have a long term need to create content for end users.

We only offer permanent recruitment services to existing customers, or in exceptional cases.

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